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Head Office

1141 7th Avenue New York City, NY, 10036

Phone Number

(917) 728-1227



Head Office

1141 7th Avenue New York City, NY, 10036

Phone Number

(917) 728-1227


Our Services

We are driven by our simple motto “Right Steps, Right Terms, Right funding”. Funding with your own Time frame

Our hard money lending process has been developed over 48 years of continued business in the private capital lending industry. 

Residential Rehab Loans

Our hard money residential rehab loans with same-day pre-qualification can help you compete with the big fish!

Distressed Property Loans

We can advise you on finding the best properties on the market, and provide you with same-day pre-qualification for a hard money loan.

Hard Money Loans

Here at RightWay Loans, we understand that no two borrowers are alike, which is why we offer several financing options to meet a range of needs.

Bridge Loans

Our bridge loans maximize your flexibility, enabling you to build, purchase, or rehab commercial property

Fix & Flip Loans

Fix and flip private money loans provide up to 85% of the total project cost, which is the purchase price plus the cost of the rehab.

Cash out Refinancing Loans

Our cash-out refinance loans are a key way of getting cash now by refinancing an existing mortgage for a greater amount.

Rental Loans

We provide our clients flexible, private real estate rental loans, allowing our clients to attain financial freedom through real estate investing.

Construction Loans

We are direct hard money lenders that offer private construction loans, without the excessive underwriting most traditional banks make borrowers go through.

Buy and Hold

Whether you’re a real estate investor building a property portfolio for income or a landlord retrofitting an industrial property, we are prepared to meet your capital needs.

Foreign Real Estate Investors

We lend on real estate, and as long as your investment is for business purposes and makes financial sense, we’ll work to help you secure the loan you need to achieve your investment goals.

Non Owner Occupied Loans

The property is called the securing collateral. In more simple terms, the borrower offers their property to the lender in exchange for a loan.

JV Partners

Joint ventures are a commercial enterprise undertaken by two or more parties that otherwise retain their distinct identities.